Role: Process Manager
The Process Manager performs the day-to-day overall management of the process. This role ensures that all process activities are being performed and that they are staffed adequately. For some processes, the Process Manager may assign individual projects (e.g., releases, changes, etc.) to other roles. When this occurs, the Process Manager coordinates the activities of those roles. Because of the nature of this role, the Process Manager may have another supporting role called the Process Administrator to help keep track of all of the data associated with the Process Manager. The Process Administrator may be split off from this role during implementation of the process.


Main Description


  • Coordinates day-to-day execution of the process
  • Identifying and implementing changes to the process
  • Identifying exceptions and deviations, as well as management of these situations
  • Communicating new and changed policies
  • Ensuring the standards and procedures are being followed
  • Facilitating resource commitment and allocation
  • Identifying and implementing process improvement
  • Creating, analyzing and distributing process reports
  • Act as focal point for process, communicate with clients, service providers, and management
  • Facilitate resolution of issues with items not complying with the process
  • Following defined escalation path when needed, as defined in the escalation policy
  • Notifying the participants in the process when standards and procedures are not being followed
  • Performing day to day process administration
  • Ensure completeness and integrity of information collected to conduct daily operations
  • Establishment of measurements and targets to improve process effectiveness and efficiency
  • Responsible for evaluating the performance of the process
  • Assists auditing of the process for compliance with documented procedures
  • Defines those parts of the Process Framework not defined by the Process Owner
Key Considerations
See the Process Administrator and Process Owner roles.